2016 Conference

The objective of the meeting was to build on last year’s focus on actual projects under the rubric of "investable, scalable, and repeatable" and to further expose mainstream investors to the field of conservation finance.


This event is a follow-on to a smaller workshop held at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in January 2014 and a first global investor conference held at Credit Suisse’s office in New York in January 2015, where we sharpened the focus on actual projects and mainstream investment propositions.


Please find below the conference agenda. For any logistics Information, please click here.

Agenda for January 21, 2016

8.15-9.15 am

Registration and Breakfast

9.15-9.30 am


Paul Tregidgo

9.30-10.45 am

Diligencing Investees in the Sustainable Real Assets Space

Panelists: Tom Mitchell / Matthew Weatherley-White

Moderator: David Chen

10.45-11.10 am


11.10-12.10 am

Green Bonds and the Ecosystem                                                                                      

Panelists: Timothy Coffin / Andrea Dore / Drew Smith 

Moderator: Jim Levitt

12.10am-1.30 pm

LUNCH BREAK                                                                                                                     

1.30-2.00 pm

Innovative Start-Ups in Conservation Finance

Panelists: Nicole Chavas / Zach Knight

Moderator: David Bank

2.00-3.00 pm

Leveraging Federal Government Resources and Private Capital to Finance Water Conservation

Panelists: Mike Connor / Matthew Diserio / Matt McKenna / Jim Gebhardt / Tim Romer / Laurie Wayburn

Moderator: Todd Gartner

3.00-3.15 pm


3.15-4.00 pm

Marine-Based Conservation Finance

Panelists: Simon Dent / Jason Scott / Christian Severin

Moderator: Neel Inamdar

4.15-4.45 pm

Key Note  

Hal Harvey

4.45-5.00 pm

Closing Remarks

Wilson Ervin

5.00 pm