2017 Conference

The objective of the meeting was to look at progress in scaling up conservation investments including some global innovations. Topics that were discussed included new developments in environmental impact bonds, opportunities for risk mitigation, the current and global context of conservation investments, and the drivers of institutional investment in the field.


Please find below the conference agenda. For any logistics information, please click here.

Agenda for March 2, 2017

8.15-9.15 am

Registration and Breakfast

9.15-9.30 am


Wilson Ervin, Credit Suisse                                                                                                                             

9.30-10.45 am

SESSION 1 - Putting Conservation Investments into a Global Context

Panelists: Clark Binkley (GreenWood Resources/TIIA-CREF), David Rodgers (Global Environmental Facility)


Moderator: Dave Chen (Equilibrium Capital)

10.45-11.10 am


11.10-12.10 am

SESSION 2 - Scaling up Institutional Investment in Nature  

 Panelists: Mike Lear (Athena Capital), Jennifer Leonard (Cornerstone Capital), David Naftzger (Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers), Christie Zarkovich (Cambridge Associates)


Moderator: Peter Stein (Lyme Timber)

12.10am-1.30 pm

LUNCH BREAK                                                                                                                     

1.30-2.00 pm

SESSION 3 - Environmental Impact Bonds

Panelists: Catherine Godschalk (Calvert Foundation), Eric Letsinger (Quantified Ventures), Kevin Smith (Goldman Sachs)


Moderator: Tim Coffin (Breckinridge Capital Advisors)

2.00-2.45 pm

SESSION 4 - Risk Mitigation to Lever Private Capital in Conservation

Panelists: JP Gibbons (USAID), Jane Feehan (European Investment Bank), Saadia Madsbjerg (Rockefeller Foundation)


Moderator: Sean Penrith (Climate Trust)

2.45-3.00 pm


3.00-4.45 pm

SESSION 5 - From Niche to Mainstream: US and International Developments

Sub-session 1: Sylvain Goupille (Althelia Ecosphere), Tanja Havemann (Clarmondial), Daniela Martinez (QBN), Sylvia Wisniwski (Finance in Motion)


Sub-session 2: Fabian Huwyler (Credit Suisse), Gautier Queru (Mirova), Camilla Seth (JPMorgan Chase)


Moderator: John Tobin (Cornell University)

4.45-5.00 pm

Closing Remarks

Paul Tregidgo, Credit Suisse

5.00 pm